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The Value of a NAWIC Membership


  • having monetary value                            

  • worth a good price

  • having desirable or esteemed characteristics or qualities

  • of great use or service

  • NAWIC membership

All About NAWIC

For more than 60 years, NAWIC has helped women take advantage of the opportunities in construction. Whether you want to embark on a new career, establish a networking base, be a mentor/mentee, make a difference in your community, continue your education, or invest in great friendships, NAWIC offers a variety of opportunities - large and small.

​If you’d like to enroll and become a NAWIC member, please go to:


Professional Opportunities
• Industry speakers
• Legislative / legal updates
• Career / job leads
• Mentoring opportunities
• Education of youth and support through scholarships
• Connection with other women in the industry
• Technical / product information

• Community outreach projects
• Liaison with other industry and professional associations


Educational Opportunities
• Leadership development
• Association magazine subscription
• Development of management and public speaking skills
• Speakers and seminars at national and regional events
• Employee recruitment
• Marketing / advertising opportunities for your company
• Access to a national and local resource network
• Discounts on goods and services
• Developing and promoting industry values and culture
• Offering exposure to new skills and technology updates
• Promoting professional certifications, coaching and mentoring
• Generating publicity through community service projects
• Building a strong industry by promoting NEF K-12 programs to the future
  work force
• Assistance in plotting
career path

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